RottieFest - the place for Rotties to shake their Botties

Wellingborough Dog Welfare

Local Rescue WelliDog have for the last few years run the showing classes for us at RottieFest.

ALL of the class entry fees are paid to and go directly to WelliDog and RottieFest are pleased to support them.

RottieFest provides rosettes and prizes so the more classes you enter - the more money goes directly to WelliDog without deduction.

WelliDog also have a fundraising stand at RottieFest raising further funds.

WelliDog are a local Charity dedicated to making life easier for the stray and unwanted dogs of Northamptonshire and surrounding areas.

There are 6 Trustees in the Charity, and we all work very hard in our spare time to raise money for our dogs.  We take no expenses – every penny goes directly to the dogs in our care.

Most of our expenditure is on kennelling and veterinary bills – stray dogs invariably require veterinary attention, for vaccinations, worming, etc. If necessary, we use the service of a dog behaviourist if the dog displays aggression, or fear. We want our dogs to have the very best chance of finding a new home, and more importantly, to stay there!