RottieFest - the place for Rotties to shake their Botties

"We have all had a fab time, Aston came 1st and 3rd today, he also met his mum again (Meg) and one of his brothers.  Can't wait for next year as we are going to camp with others we met today x Thank you for a good day out xx"
Michelle Humphries

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RottieFest is drawing near, where rottie owners will have good cheer

Sitting round a roasting pig, some may even do a jig

Camping or glamping whatever is your thing, please don't let my human sing!

Meeting all my newfound friends, wishing that it never ends

For those of you that cannot go, there will be a picture show

Making you feel that you have been, with all the sights that we have seen

With heavy heads from the night before, packing the car once more

Heading home with heavy hearts, until the next RottieFest starts

MadamRuby2013 (BruceMoody)