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"i had a great time, can't wait for next year"
Charley Piper - Rottie Mad Forum Site Owner

"what a brilliant day and so many nice people"
Alison Preston

"Just got back from RottieFest 2011 was a great day xxx"
Jayne Perks

Natasha Powell > Rottweiler uk
Just bought a tent off a friend ready for next years RottieFest - Feeling prepared!! ;-)

2013 Visitors

Tim Cannon
We really enjoyed RottieFest 2013 and I know the 4 families that have had pups from us that came did also, I think 2014 will be even better and if we are welcome we will be returning, and this time with even more of the Vancannon family, it was a great day, very relaxed and everyone got along well.

Lauran Wheaton
Has anyone else been on the RottieFest website and just sighed?  I'm sad.. I miss it!

Bruce Moody
...we are planning for next year already lol loved it

Claire Whittaker
It was our first time with you this year and we loved every minute we will so be back next year thank you x

Tim Cannon
Can't believe we've got a whole year to wait until we can do it all again lol, you did a great job, everything was really good and importantly fun, well organised and can't wait for next year

Gaz Graham
...we had a great time x

Karen Beck
BOOM RottieFest 2013!!  Loved meeting those I met!!!  Can't wait til 2014 :-) Dolly loved it...  Huge thanks to Keythorpe for making us all so welcome.

Clare Formstone
Was a great RottieFest can't wait for next year

Lauran Wheaton
Blake and I are home after a great night at RottieFest!  He's out for the count on the sofa!  He had such a good time!!!  He definitely enjoyed playing with the rotties!  Loved seeing everyone!!!  Just would like to say a massive thank you to Keythorpe for the wonderful food.  Loved it!!  See you next year!!!! x

Paul Moore
Wot a fantastic day that was at RottieFest

Debbie Shutt
Ty and Miley had a great day at RottieFest :-)

Lorrett Duffus
Had a great day at RottieFest.  I couldn't stop wagging my tail from the time I got there and I even won 1st prize, had a lovely day

Karen Wade

So pleased with our girl winning Best Veteran & Best Child Handler @ RottieFest

Claire Whittaker
Zeena, Ozzy and David flat out after a fantastic few days at RottieFest :-)

Lyndsey Lee
Absolutely shattered after our day at RottieFest... it was nice to meet some people off here (Rottweiler UK) and there rottis :-) Zara had a whale of a time and came home with lots of toys and treats... she is currently spark out on the floor haha... bless her she's had a long day xxx

Tim Cannon
Well me and the missus had a great day at our first RottieFest, met some nice people and also got to meet a few of the Rottweiler UK clan but missed some of you, was nice to see some of the VanCannon family together, hope those that are still there enjoy tonight, have fun and safe journey home tomorrow... I'm already looking forward to next year :-)

Debbie Shutt
We had a great day

2012 Visitors

Leanne Howell
Home now after a lovely day at Rottiefest, think I may have overdone it tho, was a long difficult drive home. But think my girls enjoyed getting all muddy and they both did me proud in the ring. Xx.

Rottalma Rottweilers
Back from RottieFest .......... was that muddy and then some.  Well done Leanne's Inca handled by Kane in Junior Handling and Staci-lea Dewick in Open for being the Rottifest Champion of 2012.

Leanne Howell > RottieFest 21st July 2012
Thanks for a fabulous day, had a great time. Must remember to clean the car out tomorrow!! lol

Kirsty Xcx
just got back from rottiefest, had a great day nice seeing some of you from here today x juma will be there next year ;)

Paul Rotty Tudhope
had a great day at RottieFest today - cant wait till next years

Julie Hasler
Our first year at rottiefest this year and we had a great time,looking forward to next year. Ruby wasnt to happy having to have a bath as soon as we got home but i know it was worth it lol. Thanks everyone for a great day

Jaqui Payne
First Rottiefest had a wonderful time ,mud ,swamp and all lol Hope to make it back next year :))

Rachael Fox
thankyou all so much for a lovely day, and special thanks to the lovely gentleman who sorted out my car boot so me & the delinquents could get safely home, it was much appreciated. see you all again next year :)

Rachel Johnson
i was first time offender and me and the little demon loved it!!!

John Cunningham
had a cracking day gutted that i couldnt camp this year or stop for the hog roast/brekki heh ho theres always next year hopefully my life will be more organised

David Harvey
Had Great Day, despite mud & problems, everybody seemed to muck in!!
Good luck all & thank You, Dave Jayne & Ruby
ps. hope to be back next Year to defend Our 'Best Six legs in show award'!! LOL!!

Rottweiler Rescue

just clean the van out ,, we had a great time ... had mud fight lol ...

Rottweiler Rescue
We would like that to thank every one .. We had a blast yesterday.. Apart from the mud, was funny mind.. it really was a great day .... had a mud fight last night.. great to meet susan and Ian... and a big thank you for Debbie,susan Jayne for your help yesterday, and Dave and Jayne for your Gift.... Bring on rottiefest 2013.  THANKS Serena and Adam for a great day

Tracey Warren
Thank u for a good day yesterday, we all enjoyed the day, have just finished all the cleaning and washing lol still who cares about a bit of mud between friends lol xx

Amanda Powell
Hi all. Thank you for being such good fun yesterday - I thoroughly enjoyed judging the pedigree classes yesterday and the 3 extra classes - Best 6 Legs was a real pleasure lol.
I hope you all enjoyed the day and even though some of you weren't taking home a rosette - remember you have all taken the best dog home with you!!  Looking forward to next year, mud and all if it comes!
Hope those of you who have camped have a safe journey home!! :)

Michelle Humphries
This was the second year we have come , and we all had a great time , so glad we camped , the food was fab and very friendly people , come away from it with lots of good tips for my dog , the dogfather was very good, can't wait 4 next year , keep doing your good work

Lilian Clipstone-roome
Oh we had a blast too! Thank you so much for your friendly hospitality. We loved it. Lilian and all from Wellidog xx

Colette Mottram-Hunt
This was our first Rottiefest and we had an awesome time, loved every minute of it and will definitely be back next year! Thanks to everyone for a great event and making us lowly future-rott-owners feel welcome :-) Colette & Rob xx

Jason Repeti > RottieFest 21st July 2012
Thanks for a nice weekend we all enjoyed and will be checking the web site for next years date, Harley and Masie

Susan Kerr-mcavoy
Had a great time at our first ever Rottiefest , kids had a ball ...brought loads of English mud back to Scotland lol looking forward to next one xx

Shmoo Long > Keythorpe Rottie Rescue
Thankyou Serena and Adam for working yourselves into an early grave to put on such a fab event! Great day meeting some great people and even greater dogs! Huge thanks!

Michelle Humphries
It was a great day x

Susan Kerr-mcavoy
thank you everyone for a brill time , great to finally meet Helen and the gang x

Kirsty Xcx
just got back from rottiefest had great time, shatterd now

Annette Truman > RottieFest
Home and free of mud! Thank you for a great weekend, see you next year!!!

Rachel Johnson
This weekend has been the best in a long long time, fingers crossed its the start of things being on the up. So care free and laid back been much needed thankies to everyone i've spent the weekend with its been fab!!!! xx

Malcolm Fish
Adam / Serena, We had a lovely time yesterday at RottieFest albiet we couldn't stay long due to my hoppy foot but the dogs were overwhelmed seeing so many of themselves everywhere! Keep up the superb work and see you next year. hugo & ruby sends hugs (Hugo sends more drool than hugs)

Soza Jones
I had a great time at my first Rottiefest, even with the mud. It was fun to meet so many friends from FB and to make new ones.  Will definitely be entering the best 5 legs class next year!!! lol!  Bit of excitement on the way home, a blowout on the caravan, but we managed to get a new tyre eventually.  The joys of motoring for a Rottie!! See you next time and thank you for a great weekend.

Sarah McGuire
Yet another fantastic RottieFest, loved every minute of it and of course a massive thankyou to Serena and Adam for all there hard work again :D Looking forward to next year :D xx

Debbie Foskett
Your "muddiest" dog winner Roxy had a fantastic day!!
A big thank you for organising such a great event, it was our first time and we can't wait for the next....
Hopefully minus mud and tractor pulling!! Lol

Hugh Cannon
a super day with super like minded folk and the rotties

Fiona Mary
We had a GREAT time at our first rottiefest! Thanks for having us, we'll definitely be back next year. We even might have got all the mud off ourselves by then ;-)

Shmoo Long
What a fabby weekend! Met some lovely people and lovelier dogs at RottieFest on Saturday, Serena and Adam hosted a great weekend despite the mud! Keythorpe air is obviously good for you as I fell asleep at 9pm lol

Hugh Cannon
agree it was another good event

Clare Formstone
Well we are finally home from a lovely extended stay at Keythorpe and Rottiefest, was a great weekend especially when the sun finally decided to come out for the main event on Saturday. Didn't manage to get many photos this year :(

Clare Formstone
We are finally home from this years rottiefest, I had a fab time as usual and Neil says he had a "shockingly" good time too ;) Was lovely to meet so many new people and even the mud couldn't dampen our fun. Can't wait for next year but I do hope its not quite as muddy x

Allie Broome
I had a wonderful time, thank you so much!! And it was lovely to meet you too :)

Ann-marie Doonan
I will bring the mud back next year as it is teflone coated to the car and caravan. Ahhh Memories. Thanks for a great time. x

Annette Truman
Dogs are still pooped from the weekend!

Clare Formstone
We had a fab time with my 3 will certainly back next year although I think Neil will give the electric fence a bit more of a wide berth lol

Paul Rotty Tudhope
i have to say that it was my first Rottiefest....Cant wait for next year, ...bring on 2013

Jon Lodge
We had a great time at our first rottiefest depite the mud!!! cant wait for next year. Just wanted to say thanks for a great day!!

Soza Jones
So much fun, so much mud, so many Rotties XX

Ian Hart
Hi. Just wanted to say personally thanks for this years Rottiefest. Susan, kids and I had a great time and just loved the food. Poppie did too what little I left her lol. And a big thanks to Adam for the tows. Roll on next year. XX

Soza Jones
Hello Lily, thankyou for the friend request. It was lovely to meet you and Roxy at Rottiefest. I hope you had as great a time as we all did.  Hope to see you next year for a drier weekend. lol x

Lily Odling
It was a fantastic weekend. Was lovely to meet you all too. Soza your a true inspiration and I can't wait to see you again next year come rain, shine or mud! Take care. X

All worn out after Rottiefest! Xxx

Lily Odling
Thanks for a wonderful weekend :)

Lilian Clipstone-roome
A super day - lovely lovely atmosphere.

Lilian Clipstone-roome
What a really good day - such lovely friendly people and the dogs were super.

Colette Mottram-Hunt
Everything I own is covered in mud and I've never been happier :-)

Posted by Ian H Posted 23 July 2012 at 17:09
Poppie had a great time over weekend at Rottiefest. Long drive as we live on Merseyside but had to drive up to Scotland to pick up my owners friend and her 2 kids then head to Leicester. With breaks for kids and myself took about 12 hrs in total. Not much sleep Sat as that was the event day but what a great day. Lots of dogs, mainly rotties, but most were really nice to me and gave me space when I needed it. Ground was muddy and the humans where sliding around and some fell (they should have 4 paws lol). The food was great.... My owner let me have some of the sausages and chicken from the barbie on sat and some of the breakfast sun before heading home. Another long drive but at least I slept coz I can't drive lol. Now can't wait for next years event.