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Osteosarcoma Project @ RottieFest

Had a fantastic day today at RottieFest 3rd August 2013!

Thank you so much to Serena and Adam
@ Keythorpe - your support has been the best so far and resulted in us getting 68 swabs and over 100 questionnaires completed - see the photo of the queue of patient owners waiting to have their rotties swabbed! 

Thank you both!  It was a privilege to be invited to your event.

Met some lovely people and gorgeous rotties today, and a couple very special babies that had cancer.  They are fighters though and I hope they continue to amaze the vets!

Shareen Akhtar

"Swabs on Leo and Diva done and posted
back for Rottweiler Osteosarcoma Project
thank you very much RottieFest

Paul Kirkwood