RottieFest - the place for Rotties to shake their Botties


RottieFest RULES:

1. Abusive or upsetting conduct towards any person partaking in the event will not be tolerated, anyone found to be in breach of this rule will be asked to leave.
2. All litter should be put in the bins provided.
3. No liability will be accepted by the event organisers for injuries caused to spectators, dogs or handlers during this event, all necessary steps have been taken to minimise risks – however everyone is responsible for their own safety and should use their own judgement before participating in any of the organised events.
4. The farmyard area is strictly out of bounds to anyone attending the fest, anyone found in this area, inside the livestock barns or near the farm house will be asked to leave the field. This is for your own safety as this is a working farm.
5. If you have any concerns during the day please direct them to the event organisers who can be found near the catering facilities.
6. Toilets are provided for your comfort, please leave these in the condition that you found them.

7. You are free to take photographs at the event so long as they are for your personal use and are not used to the detriment of RottieFest, Killala Ltd,  the Rottweiler Breed or Keythorpe Valley Farm.  Your attendance of the event and the taking of photographs or video is your acceptance that RottieFest or the organisers or hosts of RottieFest may use or reproduce your photographs or video without reference to copyright or ownership and without any form of payment or royalty being payable.