RottieFest - the place for Rotties to shake their Botties

What Is RottieFest by Ruby Roo
             RottieFest 2013

RottieFest is a place where puppies, big and small, with their human can relax. Without worrying what other human think about their puppies. Where strangers help each other, humans that is, puppies can sniff one and other. The odd cross bark can be heard, but as a lovely human lady said, ‘Most of the time it’s handbags at thirty paces’. Young and old humans and puppies talk face to face and not through a screen. But most of all it’s about helping puppies that need a forever home. For twenty-four hours every year, humans and of cause us puppies do their bit to help these unfortunate puppies. So now this year it’s over start making plans for next year, so you can do your bit. No excuses you have 360 days left, date correct at time of going to press lol.


For those of you that don’t know me I am an eight month old Rottweiler, that is so clever I write my own blog. I live with human lady, human man, and my best buddy Blue aka Longshanks. We get up to a lot of adventures and RottieFest is just one of them. Hope you like it.

Up very early, come on I am a dog I don’t know the time (04.30 Ruby) oi man human stay out of this, all I know it was still dark, when man human took us for a walk. I think the idea was for us to leave for this RottieFest, but my humans are a bit dipsy and it was not until whatever time it was before we left (08.20 Ruby) I’ve told you human this is my story.

The trip went very well, so well in fact Longshanks and I slept all the way. Well until man human said he did not trust the satnav, whatever that is. All I know I kept hearing some strange woman telling him when to turn.

So as we were awake we had a look out of the window. We could see fields, lots of fields. The lady said ‘you have arrived’, and man human seem to turn a funny sort of red colour and said something like I don’t think so my good lady. This made lady human laugh, so man human turning even redder said if we don’t pass the gate within the next half mile we are lost. Which made lady human laugh even louder. Then she said there, there, stop you nutter, we are there. So Longshanks and I gathered we had arrived.

Man human turned the car into the drive, and do you know what was the first thing I saw? It was a pink oink oink come on I don’t know what a pig is I have never seen one ok, I’m a puppy. A pink oink oink, on top of a very tall pole, why I asked myself, I do hope it is not a pink puppy. As we past the pink thingy a man human came to the car and said he was Serena’s father, he seemed very nice. Lady human and man human got out of the car and started talking to Serena’s father. Hello - two puppies here needing a wee - please can we get out? Then a lady human came by, her name was Serena. You know what she said? You must be Bruce, Ruby and Lady human, I laughed so much I nearly weed myself. Longshanks and myself were crossing our legs by now, then low and behold Adam came more talking. HELLO, we are here I said, do you really want us to wee in your nice new car. I did not think soooo. Man human must have heard our cries because lady and man human got back in the car. Now we were really screaming we need a wee wee you silly humans. Luckily this trip was very short. Man human got us out and both Longshanks and myself let out a very loud sigh and had a wee.

Lady human unloaded the car while man human took us for a walk. When we got back nasty man human tied us to a very large pole. So they could put the tent up. Ha ha, human lady like all lady human changed her mind as to where she wanted the tent, man human not very happy. Had to move everything. Longshanks and myself were getting very hot so lady human said move the car so puppies could get some shade. Man human said what about me I need shade, she said you know my babies come first, he he. Puppies one man human zero.

A very long time later (almost 4 hours Ruby) what have I told you this is my story. The tent was up. Before anyone of us could go in this really good looking Rottie walked up to the tent and went in, my heart was stolen my first love. I found out later his name was Diesel, what a hunk. Then we met a lovely couple from Germany the humans were ok as well.

After a while we were put back into the car and new lady human friend got in as well. We were off to find the local Co-Op, whatever one of those is. It turned out to be a shop where the human buy Longshanks chickens from. Well it was not as big as the one near us, silly man human drove past it twice ha ha. Well forgive me for thinking but I thought the idea was to get a chicken. Man human came back with said chicken and some alcohol. Come on not only are we puppies but we are too young to drink alcohol. Then we set of back to RottieFest, you tell me but am I wrong, is man human a bit silly or not, he almost drove past the road where we needed to turn down.

Lady human asked man human do you want anything to eat, excuse me I thought we came first. Luckily man human said no thank you I have a bit of an upset tummy. What does that mean? So what did he do yep he had a drink of that alcohol typical. Then he said I am of to see who is here, lady human said he was gone an hour, I wish he had taken us because I wanted to see if there were any good looking puppies around. I was getting into this holiday thing.

While he was gone we shouted to him but he was to far away to hear us. As for lady human she decided to open a bottle of red alcohol and had a drink or three. When man human came back he said he was hungry but could not eat a lot so lady human said how about a bacon sandwich. Longshanks and I looked at each other, we love bacon sandwich and we always get some yum yum. Well lady human sat down at the table and it collapsed. Man human laughed then ran, not to help but away the whimp. It turned out that he had not locked all the parts and lady human fell to the floor, we did not laugh because we wanted some bacon. Well needless to say we got our bacon sandwich.

Humans started talking to Diesel’s human Terry, and asked him over to have a drink with them. They both came over I think Diesel liked me, but Longshanks was quite a bit jealous, and he kept saying nasty things to him but after a while they were quiet and I managed to get really close to Diesel. Such a lovely looking puppy, well he was older then me, human said he was six.

By the time we went to bed it was very dark, in the tent we went, for out first nights sleep under the stars. Me dreaming of my new found love.


Longshanks and I woke up early, I heard man human say it was only 04.45, and tried to turn over. No chance we both put our wet noses on his face to he had to get up. It was a bit windy and there were clouds in the sky, how do I know these things. Well I heard the humans mention this, otherwise I would not have had a clue, as I have said before, there is light and dark, wet and dry, but I am learning.

Anyway man human got up and as there were not that many tents in the field this day he took us for a walk in there. It’s quite a big field so we could have a run. Then I saw something I have never seen before. If they were dogs I have never seen any this big. So I went over to have a look, they looked at me and did not move. So being a big rufty tufty rottie, I barked at them, while walking backwards, no way was I going to stay around if they decided to bark back and frighten me. Man human was shouting in a very quiet way, how can you shout quietly? Well he was doing it, telling me to be quiet, and you know what, these dogs did not bark the made a mooooooooooooo sort of sound, and I thought humans were strange. So I went for another look and barked again and of cause walking backwards, then they made that sound and walked off, result, Rottie one, very strange animal zero, he he. Man human was not very pleased and took us back to the tent.

Lady human had got up and had washed up, and started cooking breakfast. It smelt lovely so Longshanks went over to see what she was cooking, as he can see without stretching. He licked his lips and told me eggs and bacon, so we were very well behaved and waited. We know we always get some of lady human breakfast, not from that greedy man human, he eats it all.

I have to tell you something. I did not sleep too well during the dark bit, I am sure I heard something outside and barked, lady human told me to be quiet but I was not sure what was out there. So every time I barked lady human said be quiet. So I did as I was told, I bark very quietly, till it was more of a umff rather than a bark.

The new tent is very big, Longshanks and I can play in the middle. Later on in the day still light the sun tried to come out, but it was still very windy, I think it was man human really. Compared to yesterday the wind was very refreshing and no I don’t mean man humans wind lol.

We watched one human start to put up his tent but the wind blew it away. This did not make him happy because the next thing he did was to get back into his car and drive away, never to be seen again. Then I saw six human ladies and men try to put a very little barbeque together. Yes I did say six, how long did it take I really don’t have a clue of time bit it was very long. One run away puppy with human running after it shouting. It was a bit like that you tube film of man human shouting for his puppy Benson, very funny. Then we heard the sound of thunder, well I thought it was, but noooooooo. It was a rather large puppy running after their human, who was going to get some water from the tap and of cause puppy thought I want to come and play with you.

As the bright thing in the sky got hotter I found a very cool place to relax, under the table, I just hoped that it would not collapse on me. Lots of humans came to see Longshanks and me during the light bit and made a proper fuss of us. This place is so friendly, really nice people they are not scared of me for a change.

Man human took us for a walk as new humans arrived, and as usual he talked to a lot of them. Yap yap yap all the time. Longshanks sometimes got very mardy and told other dogs to stay away from me. I just wanted to say hi and sniff a few bottoms, well what is a dog meant to do when there are so many dogs around lol.

Then man human met someone he called Boss, and he was putting up a banner. I can’t read of course but man human told us that it was the Rottweiler UK banner. Well they were talking that much that they were not paying attention to the thing the banner was tied to. Longshanks and I looked at each other and ducked because the wind blew it away. So funny our man human and the other man human trying to catch this thing. Then this showed how friendly people are here, a few more humans came over and helped. They may have wished they had not because our man human got talking to them and once again he did not stop. These are the lovely human that gave me a treat made out of liver, I loved it but Longshanks just turned up his nose, the snob.

As it got darker man human took us to see three puppies training. Well they were very good with the rubber ring and doing as they were told. The man human teaching these dogs to do this said any dog can do this. Ok if you say so, when am I supposed to fit it in my hectic day, sorry I have enough todo thank you and please don’t put ideas in my humans head.

Humans invited Diesel and his human over for tea, oh boy my lucky day. For a change Longshanks was very well behaved and let Diesel get close this time. It was dark before we went to bed again so the end of another day the main day is tomorrow. Don’t know what to expect but I am sure it will be good I am getting rather excited.


Up nice and early again, man human took us for a walk. We were going to go over to another field but we could not find a way out, so he took us around the field again. We did have a run and I saw them strange dogs again, this time I think they remembered me because it only took a couple of barks to move them on. Once again man human was doing his quiet shouting bit again, he was not happy but I was. Rottie two strange dogs a big fat zero, he he.

We had to go and buy Longshanks chicken but the first place we went to did not have any so we went back to the shop we went to on our first day. Man human came back and said to Longshanks he is a spoilt dog. Well come on Mr I think all dogs here are spoilt and that is the way it is supposed to be is it not.

Nothing was happening when Diesel’s human came over and said would we like to go for a walk with them. Yes please I sad. So off we went to the field, we had been there before but Diesel had not so we showed him where to go. It’s quite a steep hill and it was getting hotter. Well Diesel’s human had a thick jumper on and said I will leave it here and pick it up on the way back. Hello you really don’t know my human do you. Dipsy is not the word well they were yap yap yapping on the way back to the campsite and walked past his jumper so we had to go back up the hill again.

When we got back to the tent lady human was not feeling too well and could not walk much, so man human said no problem I will take the dog to see what is going on. So off we went. Longshanks doing his bit to keep other dogs away and I wanted to meet every one.

I have this problem where I am quite famous and puppies and humans want to meet me. So every now and then something like this would happen. Hi are you Ruby? (excuse me they would ask if I was Bruce first, then you) I will not tell you again human please keep quiet.

Ok they would ask his name first, are you happy now? Then they would say my name is Debbie this is Milly and Ti, lovely to meet you at last RUBY, not you human. This happened a number of times. Please don’t think I am being rude if I don’t mention your name you know who you are and it really was nice to meet you all. There were a lot of puppies around and Longshanks was getting quite stressed so man human took us back to calm him down.

Please let me say that we did get to see a number of things going on in the main arena, and it looks all very exciting and anybody that has not been it was in the main taken in all good fun.

On one occasion when lady human did manage to walk with us we stopped at a sort of tent where a lovely lady called Shareen put something in my mouth. I am assured it was for a good thing. Well to be exact it was for THE ROTTWEILER OSTEOSARCOMA PROJECT. I was number 50 to go there. Please if you have not done your thing for this project please think about it.

It started to rain while we were doing this and everyone tried to find cover. Our man human being the mad one that he is just walked back to the tent very slowly, so we got quite wet. Come on human I am trying to look my best for all these male puppies and you are not helping.

It did not take long before the yellow thing came out again. Then it seemed our tent was the meeting point. Puppies and humans from Rottweiler UK started coming to meet us. I even saw man human kiss a couple of lady humans. Don’t think lady human saw lucky for him. At one point there was about, oh I don’t know because I can’t count but a lot of humans and of cause puppies. Longshanks was getting quite stressed at one point so man human took us to the field again with the hope to tire him out. It did seem to work. Well when we got back the humans seemed to be having fun, and so did the puppies.

I have to tell you there was a very strange looking puppy; he had spots all over his body. I asked if he was ok and not ill or something. He said he was a Dalmatian. He had a coat on that said when I grow up I want to be a Rottweiler. Well you never know it could happen, still I shall wait and see.

Before we knew it started to get dark and the humans started talking about the hog roast. Did not know what one was so I had to wait and see. Man human went away while lady human looked after us. He came back with two plates with food on it. Of course we had some and we all agreed it was lovely. Then while we were eating a band started to play. Unfortunately lady human was not well enough to go and see them play but they did sound very good, and I heard other humans say they enjoyed them. It was really dark by now and we all need to get some sleep as it had been quite a busy day and man human said it will be a long one tomorrow. So of to bed we all went.


Up early again, man human took us for a walk, and we noticed that a number of human had left during the night. Shame really as it meant they would miss the breakfast. When we got back from the walk, lady and man human started to take down the tent. It did not take as long as it did to put up. Everything went in the car, again and man human had his breakfast. Hello where is ours, not a chance. Then it was time for humans and puppies to say goodbye. I did not like this bit, as it was quite sad, but we did say we would do it all again next year. So we were put in the back and off we set off back to Plymouth. What did Longshanks and I do? Yep you guessed it we went to sleep. The next thing I remember was we were outside our front door, and feeling hungry.

So puppies to those of you that did not manage to go, let me tell you, you should try it next year. You may not get to see everything or meet everybody, but what you do see and those you do meet make it all worthwhile. I hope my experience has given you a taste for it. Remember with every ticket, every meal you have, you are helping a poor puppy that is not as lucky as you. I know I am going next year so I hope to see you all there. Goodbye for now. Take care and remember to lick your humans every day, to show them you love them, because if you don’t who will. Ha ha.