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Rottweilers In Need

Rottweilers In Need will be attending RottieFest 2014 with their fundraising stand.

RottieFest was pleased to support Rottweilers In Need in 2010 when we donated to them the sum of £124.26 from a raffle held in their aid and proceeds from sales of RottieFest merchandise.

With their fundraising stand this year and their Rottweiler carting demo we hope they will smash this amount.


 Fey will be pulling a cart
 around RottieFest and rattling
 a tin - we hope you will support
 her efforts

About Rottweilers In Need:

We are a small, breed specific rescue and rehabilitation group run solely by unpaid volunteers and we cover the whole of the UK.

We are proud to say we never put a dog to sleep because it has out stayed its welcome!

We always ensure that the Rottweilers in our care have a safe and secure environment for the rest of their lives.

Most are adopted - to approved homes only, some are fostered usually by one of the team.

Others need to stay with us for longer because of a need for medical help.

But a few need to stay longer for rehabilitation, or because they are elderly. Some - stay for life.

We believe that holistic care has benefits for everyone and our approach follows this philosophy.

We feed a raw meat diet with organically sourced carbohydrates and supplements where possible, and we use an holistic vet.

Homoeopathy also figures in our care where we feel it is appropriate. This all costs money, but we believe our dogs have a better health record because of it and therefore our medical bills are kept to the minimum.

We promote a sponsorship scheme, whereby you can donate a regular amount by standing order or if you would prefer to make a 'one off' donation please visit our website and click on one of the 'donate Buttons' which you will find on every page, and enter an amount you can afford, we are grateful for EVERY penny.


Ann, Kim and the whole team at Rottweilers in Need would like to thank each and every one who sent donations or joined the sponsorship scheme.