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Rottweiler Welfare Association

The Rottweiler Welfare Association were last due to attend RottieFest in 2010 having contacted us directly and asked if they could have a free of charge fundraising stand.  They failed to turn up on the day nor contact us to advise that they were unable to make it.

In 2013 they again contacted us asking for a free of charge fundraising stand and apologising for not having turned up in 2010 and explaining that a volunteer had let them down.  Not too sure why that prevented the RWA from at least letting us know at the time but we don't hold grudges and they were welcomed to RottieFest 2013 and raised around £850 from our generous visitors.  The RWA were so impressed with RottieFest that they decided to launch their own event 'Rottie Rumble' - and then they proceeded to publicly criticise the conditions that farm dogs were kept in at the farm during the event and questioned the rehoming practices of Keythorpe Rottweiler Rehoming.

RottieFest no longer supports the RWA.

The Rottweiler Welfare Association is a not-for-profit organisation and was started in 1979 to find good homes for Rottweilers.

The association is completely run by volunteers and is a registered charity since 1981. Our logo says - 'It begins here' and we firmly believe that a dog deserves to get a second chance and find its forever home.

The aims of the association are to:

  • Rescue abandoned and neglected  Rottweilers and help those who are unwanted
  • Provide all necessary care, treatment and rehabilitation
  • Assess these dogs for adoptability and find suitable homes for them

We operate nationwide and have many years of experience in rehoming Rottweilers.