RottieFest - the place for Rotties to shake their Botties

Being a RottieFest, expect to see alot of Rotties!  However all breeds of dog are welcome to attend.

Regardless of breed, we do ask you to keep dog(s) on leads and under control at all times.

If any visitors are concerned about their dog(s) or their ability to control their dog(s), please consider whether your dog(s) should wear a muzzle, have a harness giving better control, or consider whether they should be brought to an event with many strange people and dogs.

Safety is paramount to the organisers of RottieFest and we want everyone to have a fun safe time with no incidents.


1. All dogs to be kept on leads at all times unless participating in disciplines which require them to be off a lead.  If participating in such a discipline, please wait until you have entered the arena and the class marshal instructs you that it is safe to do so).
2. All dogs are to be kept under control at all times and appropriately restrained, consideration should be given as to whether your dog should be wearing a harness, or muzzle or indeed whether it should be brought at all if you have concerns about its behaviour around strange dogs, people or animals.
3. All dog poop to be scooped and disposed of in the waste bins provided – bags are available upon entering the Fest and additional bags can be found adjacent the catering van.
4. Please be aware of other dogs around you and take appropriate action to avoid conflicts between strange dogs.
5. When approaching a strange dog please ask the handlers permission before touching it – not all dogs appreciate the attention – also please be aware that not all dogs like strange dogs intruding on their personal space, however friendly yours may be.
6. No mating of bitches is permitted anywhere on the grounds during RottieFest – if anyone is found to be deliberately mating bitches they will be asked to leave.
7. If any handler is found to be deliberately allowing their dogs to cause a nuisance they will be asked to restrain their dogs in a manner appropriate to the situation or asked to remove the dog from the field completely.
8. DOGS IN CARS : Remedial action will be taken in the event of dogs left in cars being found in a distressed condition.
9. No liability will be accepted by the event organisers for injuries caused to spectators, dogs or handlers during this event, all necessary steps have been taken to minimise risks – however everyone is responsible for their own safety and should use their own judgement before participating in any of the organised events.