RottieFest - the place for Rotties to shake their Botties

"What a fantastic time we had i didn't want the weekend to end.  Lovely to meet everyone you are all sooooo nice.  Can't wait for the next one we had such a laugh"
Jackie Dunbar


The RottieFest offers a caravan and camping area on site equipped with toilets, hot shower, fresh water, chemical waste disposal point and onsite caterers.

* Motor homes, caravans, and tents are all welcome.

* Arrivals will be admitted to the campfield from 3:00pm on Friday 5th August.

* All caravans/campers must have vacated the site by 3:00pm on Sunday 7th August.


All pets must be kept under control i.e. dogs on leads.  All poop must be picked up.

Campsite Etiquette
Please show consideration for other residents of the Caravan/Campsite by not causing noise, playing radios/music too loudly, etc. Please dispose of all rubbish, litter etc in the bins provided. If a resident does not show due consideration, the Organisers reserve the right to cancel their booking at which point they will have to immediately leave the caravan/campsite.

Petrol/Diesel Generators
Quiet generators may be used with consideration for others.. Any generators found operating on the caravan/camp site at unreasonable hours or without due consideration to others will be shut down. If a resident of the caravan/camp site persists in using a generator without consideration they will be asked to leave.

Vehicle Movement
There is a speed limit of 5 m.p.h within the caravan/campsite and on the site generally.  Please do not exceed this limit.  Please be cautious when driving over the field which is uneven.  Please also be cautious when entering the field as you may ground your vehicle/caravan when traveling onto the slope leading up to the field.

Fires & BBQs

Fires are not permitted.  BBQs are permitted but must be raised clear of the ground.  Coals must be cold before being disposed of.  Care should be taken with portable gas stoves and we recommend keeping them away from tents etc.